Press: Article about Epishine from Swedish Energy Agency

15 June, 2018

The Swedish Energy Agency just published a long article about Epishine on its webmagazine Energivärlden (The Energy World). Some translated quotes: Heading: Plastic solar cells ready for the market Preamble: Nano thin layers of plastic solar cells will soon cover our connected things indoors – and eventually cover entire building details outdoors. At least this is […]

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Epishine one of Sweden’s 33 most promising tech companies again!

16 May, 2018

“33-listan” is a yearly list with Sweden’s 33 most promising young tech companies. Epishine takes place on that list for the second year in a row. Behind the list stands the Swedish newspapers NyTeknik and Affärsvärlden. Here is an update in NyTeknik regarding Epishine’s second year on the list.

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Epishine one of the winners of the Innovation Race

7 May, 2018

The Swedish Energy Agency has organized the Innovation Race since 2015. This year it was back as an appreciated part of the Power Circle Summit. Ten companies pitched their energy-related start-ups, and Epishine received a third place prize from InnoEnergy.  

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Contributing to LOPEC award

4 April, 2018

RISE Acreo won first prize at LOPEC for their demonstrator built by their organic capacitor and Epishine’s organic indoor solar cells!

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Epishine rocked the Silicon Viking’s finale

6 March, 2018

For the first time Sweden will be represented at the Startup World Cup global finals in San Francisco. Silicon Vikings is partnering with Startup World Cup to choose the winning company that will be chosen to represent Sweden in the finals. Tonight Silicon Vikings arranged the Swedish final from where the winner goes directly to the […]

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Patent Hackathon

5 March, 2018

Here comes a glimpse of the Epishine team’s everyday life. Today we gathered for some proactive patent/innovation brainstorming. It all resulted in six patent ideas to look closer at directly and a number of problems that we should keep our eyes on while they are on their way to potentially patentable solutions.

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The Vision

We are step by step enabling the most scalable, resource efficient  and affordable solar module in the world.


Indoor Energy Harvesting

The first phase we’re focusing on the trillions of connected sensors and similar that are on their way through the tremendous Internet of Things development.

The industry says that replacing batteries is NOT an option.

Our solar cell already now has the market’s best efficiency indoors and material conditions optimal for integration with tiny things.


Areas where conventional solar cells doesn’t work

As we develop our organic solar cell the next step will be to use them in building material integration and other areas where conventional solar cells doesn’t work.

This will be interesting while we still are more expensive than traditional silicon solar cells because of our material conditions – light, thin, flexible, semi-transparent.


Large Scale Energy Production

When we reach the markets best price per kWh we will get real usage of our vastly scalable manufacturing process and the planet will benefit from the most resource efficient solar cell ever seen. 

Then we will build printing machines in the size of news paper presses that will produce solar cells on roll at a nuclear plant equivalent per month.

Epishine is a Swedish greenup that has spun off from Linköping and Chalmers Universities. The startup team consists of successfull entrepreneurs and recognized scientists.

Mattias Josephson


Jonas Bergqvist


Emma Woxlin

Market Director

Olle Inganäs

Scientific Leader

Anders Elfwing

Office address Norrköping
LEAD - Epishine AB
Laxholmstorget 3, 3rd floor
602 21 Norrköping

Office address Linköping
LEAD - Epishine AB
Teknikringen 7, 3rd floor
583 30 Linköping
Manufacturing address
Printed Electronics Arena
Epishine AB
Norra Grytsgatan 7
602 33 Norrköping
Delivery address
Epishine AB
Teknikringen 7
583 30 Linköping
Invoice address
Epishine AB
c/o Hillerstad, Granlund 2
605 99 Norrköping
Join our team

Change the world with us!

We’re constantly looking for wholehearted persons to join our team. You should be passionated about your profession, energized by contributing to a team and deeply motivated by technology that can make our planet healthier. You are always welcome with a spontaneous application regardless if we’re advertising for a position that suits you or not.

Send your application to For questions contact Jonas Bergqvist (CTO), Emma Woxlin (Market Director with product-market-focus) or Mattias Josephson (CEO)


Product Developer

15 June, 2018

We’re on a mission to make our planet more sustainable. Based on 25+ years of academic research, we’re now bringing organic solar cells to the mass market. Our solar cells are thin, flexible, light weighted and well suited for material integration.

To help accelerate our growth, we are now looking for an innovative product developer to design our new products with integrated solar cells. You’ll work closely with our customers to define and design new products. You’ll join a passionate cross-functional team of material specialists, solar cell experts and successful entrepreneurs dedicated to making a difference.


-Drive innovation in early verification projects

-Engage closely with our customers to design products with integrated solar cells

-Understand customer needs and gather product requirements

Wish list:

-BSc and/or MSc in Industrial Design Engineering or equivalent

– A few years experience of designing and developing technology products in close collaboration with customers

– You’re creative, get stuff done, have great energy and thrive in a fast paced start-up environment

Location: Linköping

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