Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) writes about Epishine

5 July, 2017

Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) writes an editorial about Epishine and the cluster of organic electronics companies gathered in East Sweden. Some translated quotes: “I promise you. A regular working week in Norrköping means more than the political weeks in Almedalen and Järvafältet together.” “Did you know that Sweden is the world leader in printed electronics? Where […]

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Epishine is hiring!

4 July, 2017

Epishine is looking for talents within coating and roll-to-roll manufacturing of organic solar cells. Se section “Career”.

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Interview with Emma at the 33-listan final

5 April, 2017

Yesterday Epishine was presented as one of the winners of 33-listan at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm. The list is based on over 200 nominations from companies all over Sweden, from Malmö in the South to Skellefteå in the North and lists Sweden’s 33 hottest tech companies 2017. Our Emma was interviewed by a camera team. In short […]

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Emma, one of the keynote speakers at Great Environment Day

14 February, 2017

Today Sweden’s Engineers holds the the annual Great Environment Day. This year’s call focuses on: The human impact on the climate – the engineers’ challenge. The day ends with the distribution of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers annual Environmental Award. Epishine’s Emma Woxlin was one of the keynote speakers and got a huge response regarding the […]

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Epishine one of Sweden’s 33 most promising technology companies!

8 February, 2017

Yesterday we participated in the first regional finale for this years 33-list. “33-listan” is a yearly list with Sweden’s 33 most promising technology companies. It was a fantastic event, and the other companies in the finale had very strong business cases, so it was a great honor to be chosen as the winners. Epishine is now on […]

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Epishine at Sweden’s largest start-up conference

15 December, 2016

Epishine attended Sweden Demo Day, Sweden’s largest and most spectacular conference for start-ups and investors. The event attracted over 250 startups and just as many investors, both Swedish and international. Plus press and networkers, in total over 2000 people Read more about Sweden Demo Day at: See epishine-one-pager from the The Sweden Demo Day Catalogue.  

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The Vision

We are step by step enabling the most scalable, resource efficient  and affordable solar module in the world.


Indoor Energy Harvesting

The first phase we’re focusing on the trillions of connected sensors and similar that are on their way through the tremendous Internet of Things development.

The industry says that replacing batteries is NOT an option.

Our solar cell already now has the market’s best efficiency indoors and material conditions optimal for integration with tiny things.


Areas where conventional solar cells doesn’t work

As we develop our organic solar cell the next step will be to use them in building material integration and other areas where conventional solar cells doesn’t work.

This will be interesting while we still are more expensive than traditional silicon solar cells because of our material conditions – light, thin, flexible, semi-transparent.


Large Scale Energy Production

When we reach the markets best price per kWh we will get real usage of our vastly scalable manufacturing process and the planet will benefit from the most resource efficient solar cell ever seen. 

Then we will build printing machines in the size of news paper presses that will produce solar cells on roll at a nuclear plant equivalent per month.

Epishine is a Swedish greenup that has spun off from Linköping's and Chalmer's Universities. The startup team consists of both successfull entrepreneurs and recognized scientists.

Mattias Josephson


Jonas Bergqvist


Emma Woxlin

Market Director

Olle Inganäs

Scientific Leader

Anders Elfwing

Join our team

Change the world with us!

We’re together with Linköping’s University looking for some wholehearted persons to join our team. You should be passionated about your profession, energized by contributing to a team and deeply motivated by technology that can make our planet healthier.

The position(s) below are still open. They are located in Norrköping/Linköping and will be assigned September/October.

Send your application to For questions contact Jonas Bergqvist (CTO), Emma Woxlin (Market Director with product-market-focus) or Mattias Josephson (CEO)


Slot-die coating

4 July, 2017

You have experience of printed electronic devices and characterization thereof. Preferably also experience within roll-to-roll manufacturing and earlier work with organic solar cells and slot-die coating.

You will work on design, fabrication and characterization of flexible organic solar modules in the lab scale and transfer the results to large scale roll-to-roll production using slot-die coating.

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