Epishine at Elmia

14 November, 2017

Today you can meet Epishine at Elmia D05:30/15. Welcome!


Epishine at Innovation Week

9 November, 2017

Epishine exhibited at East Sweden Innovation Week, and Mattias made a presentation about our innovation.

The presentation (in Swedish) was webcasted and can be seen here (Mattias starts after 11 minutes).


Epishine’s solar cells at Chalmers

8 November, 2017

Chalmers Fastigheter, Akademiska Hus and Styrkeområde Energi  installs a number of organic solar cells from Epishine in windows at public places to pay attention to pioneering research linked to Chalmers.

Welcome to charge your mobile. Its free. Charging provides 500 mA – as a USB port.


Agreement with Acacia Asset Management

31 October, 2017

Epishine has entered into an agreement with Acacia Asset Management, which has provided financial resources to take Epishine further in its industrialization.



Epishine nominated as one of the five most interesting startups in Sweden right now

27 October, 2017

Epishine became the winner of the evening in Di Digitals Startup Tours competition in Linköping. The company is now proceeding to the finals in Stockholm on 7 December together with the winners in the 4 other regions of Sweden. (Di Digital is part of  is the Swedish financial newspaper Dagens Industri.)



Press: Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) writes about Epishine

5 July, 2017

Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) writes an editorial about Epishine and the cluster of organic electronics companies gathered in East Sweden.

Some translated quotes:

“I promise you. A regular working week in Norrköping means more than the political weeks in Almedalen and Järvafältet together.”

“Did you know that Sweden is the world leader in printed electronics? Where we used to etch circuit boards with hazardous chemicals and severe environmental damage, one can now print electronics in machines reminiscent of old paper prints. The product is literally leafy and flexible, manufactured at a quarter of the cost and almost without impact on the environment.”

“And if you list the most promising Swedish entrepreneurs, at least three companies in printed electronics will be in the top layer.” – DP Patterning, Epishine and InviSense.

“All three come from Norrköping, and are part of a local cluster of companies that grow within printed electronics. They will change your everyday lives more than Social Democratic Minister Mikael Damberg’s all seminars during politics week.”

SvD is a daily multi–channel newspaper with Sweden’s second largest circulation per day.

Read the full article »



Epishine is hiring!

4 July, 2017

Epishine is looking for talents within coating and roll-to-roll manufacturing of organic solar cells. Se section “Career”.

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Interview with Emma at the 33-listan final

5 April, 2017

Yesterday Epishine was presented as one of the winners of 33-listan at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm. The list is based on over 200 nominations from companies all over Sweden, from Malmö in the South to Skellefteå in the North and lists Sweden’s 33 hottest tech companies 2017.

Our Emma was interviewed by a camera team. In short she says:

It feels great to be on the 33-listan. It proves that not only do we believe in our technology but also other competent people. 

Epishine develops organic solar cells, based on research the past 20 years which now have reached a level where we can produce them for real. We print small plastic pieces that can replace the batteries in IoT-devices like sensors.

The future looks bright. Say in five years, then we have built a factory that prints photovoltaic with a corresponding capacity as a nuclear plant every month. That feels great!


Emma, one of the keynote speakers at Great Environment Day

14 February, 2017

Today Sweden’s Engineers holds the the annual Great Environment Day. This year’s call focuses on: The human impact on the climate – the engineers’ challenge. The day ends with the distribution of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers annual Environmental Award.

Epishine’s Emma Woxlin was one of the keynote speakers and got a huge response regarding the potential of Epishine’s organic solar cells.


Epishine one of Sweden’s 33 most promising technology companies!

8 February, 2017

Yesterday we participated in the first regional finale for this years 33-list.

“33-listan” is a yearly list with Sweden’s 33 most promising technology companies.

It was a fantastic event, and the other companies in the finale had very strong business cases, so it was a great honor to be chosen as the winners. Epishine is now on this year’s 33-list!