5 July, 2017

Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) writes an editorial about Epishine and the cluster of organic electronics companies gathered in East Sweden.

Some translated quotes:

“I promise you. A regular working week in Norrköping means more than the political weeks in Almedalen and Järvafältet together.”

“Did you know that Sweden is the world leader in printed electronics? Where we used to etch circuit boards with hazardous chemicals and severe environmental damage, one can now print electronics in machines reminiscent of old paper prints. The product is literally leafy and flexible, manufactured at a quarter of the cost and almost without impact on the environment.”

“And if you list the most promising Swedish entrepreneurs, at least three companies in printed electronics will be in the top layer.” – DP Patterning, Epishine and InviSense.

“All three come from Norrköping, and are part of a local cluster of companies that grow within printed electronics. They will change your everyday lives more than Social Democratic Minister Mikael Damberg’s all seminars during politics week.”

SvD is a daily multi–channel newspaper with Sweden’s second largest circulation per day.

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