15 August, 2016

In the Swedish Energy Agency’s report for this year we found the following notice regarding the solar development in Sweden:

Epishine is a spin-off company from the organic PV research that is being conducted at Linköping University and Chalmers University. The company is trying to commercialize the flexible and semi- transparent organic/plastic solar cells that have been developed at these two Universities. The solar cells are made of organic layers on top of a flexible plastic substrate and therefore free of any metals. The actual active layer of the solar cell consists of polymers, while the base material is PET plastic, which is a cheap plastic that can be recycled. The production process is similar to newspaper printing. All production takes place in a production facility in Norrköping. The organic cells are flexible and light, less than 0.3 kg/m2, which indicate that the production and transportation costs will be very low. The cells have today a conversion efficiency about 1 % and proves the manufacturing process. In research these types of cells have reached 10 %, which show the future potential. The company is currently looking for investors to be able to accelerate the development and start large-scale production.

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