Our Jonas listed among Sweden’s sustainability talents

18 October, 2016

Aktuell Hållbarhet (Today’s Sustainability) has listed the 33 most important sustainability talents in Sweden under 33 years.

In this list we find our Sales Director, Jonas Karles!

Congratulations Jonas!



Epishine rocked the ClimateLaunchpad final in Tallinn

10 October, 2016

Epishine made it to the big final of the EU initiative ClimateLaunchpad. This year the event was hosted by Estland in Tallinn. With originally hundreds of competing companies from 30 countries, representing all kinds of brilliant climate-bettering business ideas, Epishine was very proud to be part of the finalists. Formally we didn’t win the whole competition, but formally and informally we rocked – and we were very encouraged by all the people that thought that we should have been even the formal winners.


New website today

6 October, 2016

Today we open our new!

Much more information will follow, but this is a good start to learn to know the Epishine-family.




3 October, 2016

We have today been accepted to join LEAD (LiU Entrepreneurship and Development), an accelerator for startups in Norrköping and Linköping.


New facade glass demonstrator

19 September, 2016

Last control measurements before we pack off red semi-transparent solar panels for mounting in newly designed frames and installed in facade windows at a real estate owner who is interested in our innovative green technology.


Mr Milestone Three

15 September, 2016

New internal efficiency record again with the active material we will base our first commercial product on. This time by Thomas who closes Milestone 3 (of 10) in our commercialization project.


Research centre for printed electronics opened

12 September, 2016

The Printed Electronics Arena in Norrköping has been extended and converted to become the Swedish Research Laboratory for Printed Electronics. Anders Elfwing, Epishine, demonstrated our manufacturing process for all the guests during the opening ceremony.



Epishine wins the Swedish ClimateLaunchpad final

6 September, 2016

There are many very promising Swedish startups within green tech right now. That became very obvious when we met several of the them during the ClimateLaunchpad-sessions in Sweden. In perspective of that we’re very proud to inform that we won the first prize and will be one of three Swedish companies that competes in the big ClimatLaunchpad 2016-final in Tallinn later this year.


Epishine in the Swedish Energy Agency’s yearly report

15 August, 2016

In the Swedish Energy Agency’s report for this year we found the following notice regarding the solar development in Sweden:



Kick-off in conceptual unplugged house

13 August, 2016

Epishine had an inspiring Kick-Off at Wenngarn’s solar powered conceptual house without connections to electricity, water and drain.